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valentine gig 1991

Music, poster, photos and a field report from Said Liquidator's Valentine gig at Newcastle Broken Doll in 1991.
Said Liquidator, Laverne and Shirlie Poster
Valentine's Day 1991, Newcastle Broken Doll
Said Liquidator's 1991 Valentine gig at the Broken Doll launched the 'Rise' cassette album. The recording and mixing process had been lengthy and far from straightforward, so we were relieved to finally have it out.

This was the band's first performance in quite a few months and there a good buzz about the place due to word of mouth and the local press reporting the album's release and our forthcoming national tour. The band were also excited because a couple of record companies were showing some interest in the advance sampler they had received.

Said Liquidator: Newcastle Broken Doll Valentine 1991
(Stevie and Simon centre)

The room was packed. We were very pleased to be back on stage after the torture of having our performances dissected in the studio. We were feeling confident (Stevie and I were probably unbearably cocky). We were ready to Liquidate: "Play that funky bass line, Rolfy!"


Said Liquidator: Newcastle Broken Doll Valentine 1991

(Sam, Debbie, Rolf, Stevie & Simon)

Said Liquidator: Newcastle Broken Doll Valentine 1991 (playing the 'Jingle' promoting the single 'Say What You Feel')


Working from the original quarter inch and DAT studio master tapes we have been able to remaster the recordings to a much higher sonic standard than the original releases. The live recordings originate from cassettes so are of lesser sound quality but mastering has brought them up to a good standard. The inclusion of the live songs means that for the first time we can gather together all of our songs - 33 tracks. I was amazed how many there are!

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The anthology features all of the band's releases: 'How To Smile' (1987: Hitback 7" EP, which also featured Newcastle bands Laverne and Shirlie, Skiptracers and Movietone), 'No Ribbons on Oak Trees' (1988: cassette mini album), 'Say What You Feel' (1989: 12" EP on La-Di-Da Records) and 'Rise' (1991: cassette album). The live recordings come from gigs at Newcastle's Broken Doll, All Saints Church, Morpeth Courthouse and Edinburgh Wilkie House.

To order the Said Liquidator double CD 'Anthology 1987-1991' click here


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