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Below is the press release circulated to radio stations and publications. I tried to present them with something they could relate to by mentioning Spearmint, Dub Star and Olive. I was sure they wouldn't have heard of Said Liquidator!

Said Liquidator, Rise, The Third Man, Say What You Feel, Newcastle, 1980s, 1990s, indie-pop, acoustic-pop
Said Liquidator, Rise, The Third Man, Say What You Feel, Newcastle, 1980s, 1990s, indie-pop, acoustic-pop
Said Liquidator 'Anthology 1987-1991' 2CD package containing 33 songs

Said Liquidator were a Newcastle based indie pop band, active between 1984 and 1992. They confounded audiences by incorporating flute and clarinet in their sound. Twenty years on, once again, they're ready to confound all comers with an anthology of their independent record releases and a large number of unreleased songs.

But you've never heard of Said Liquidator and they've got a bonkers name... Their status of unknown is so well established they were name checked by Spearmint in their 1997 chart single 'Sweeping The Nation', which was a paean to 'some of the best bands in the country' who never got played on the radio and never got anywhere.


Said Liquidator were however, a firm favourite with all the record companies of the day. In the band's lifetime they regularly received correspondence from the likes of CBS, EMI, Rough Trade, Chrysalis who all sent rejection letters - sometimes including a few mistaken variations on 'that' name. You can see scans of all forty four of these letters click here.

Recent history tells us that 'The Third Man' is the Said Liquidator song you should listen to. Since its inclusion on the 1980s indie pop compilation, 'The Sound of Leamington Spa Vol 2', there has been steady interest in the song which has prompted this anthology release by the band.

Former members of Said Liquidator had more success elsewhere, subsequently having chart hits with Olive and Dubstar.

Said Liquidator 'Anthology 1987-1991' is released on 28 November 2011 as a double CD on Eccentric Sleeve Note Records (ESNCD 001) and as a download from major online retailers.

Postscript 2017: The BBC were so tickled by the 44 letters that they included Said Liquidator in a piece about 8 acts who received refusal letters. The others were Madonna, Nirvana, Nina Simone, David Grohl, U2, Deee-Lite and Nick Cave. Below is a screen shot showing what the BBC said about Said Liquidator. [Click on image to go to full article on the BBC].
BBC Website Showing Said Liquidator-min.
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