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on the radio 2011

The possibilities for getting on the radio have expanded vastly since the 1980s and 1990s when Said Liquidator originally released their recordings.  The 2011 issue of the 'Said Liquidator Anthology 1987-1991' gained airplay on some of the stations to emerge since the band's demise. BBC Radio remains beyond the band's reach!

Lord Litter's 'MusicBox' on Radio Marabu (Germany & USA)

Said Liquidator - Rise - CD - Anthology 1987 - 1991 was on the playlist for Lord Litter's Music Box for November 2011 and broadcast on AM, FM, shortwave, satellite and online.

Don Campau's 'No Pigeonholes' on RADIO MARABU (Germany & USA)

Throughout the month of October 2011, Don Campau played Said Liquidator' The Only Colour' on his 'No Pigeonholes' show broadcast on KKUP-FM



Garry Lee's 'The Overflow' on Radio Seagull (Holland & UK)
Playlist 407, hour 2 includes: Said Liquidator - How to smile
Playlist 406, hour 2 includes: Said Liquidator - House in Bohemia

Captain Sib's ' Psychedelic Freakout' on Podcast
On 24 September 2011, Said Liquidator's 'Rise' was featured as part of Captain SIB's Psychedelic Freakout.

Stone Premonitions & 'Aural Innovations' on Radio Six

On 15th and 29th October 2011 Said Liquidator were featured on the Aural Innovations programme on Radio Six.

Simon McKay's Post Punk Britain on Break London
Predictably, Simon McKay featured his own band Said Liquidator and regularly played 'How To Smile' throughout August and September 2011 on his show 'Post Punk Britain'.

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